Sunday, July 10, 2011

"What Wedding??!?" Weekend

So I have decided that this weekend needed to be a "What Wedding??!?" weekend. If anyone was going to talk to me about the wedding I would simply answer them with a coy and curious, "What Wedding??!?" With just a few weeks away from August 27th, I can now say the words, "We're getting married! Next month! (Oh sh!t)" And after this weekend it will be full steam ahead, with three continuous weekends of hardcore, big fat farm wedding planning (and slaving). Example: I have my trial updo and dress fitting back to back next Saturday, in addition to painting the windows in the barn, and also paiting Elsie's Coop. Suffice it to say we wanted NEEDED this weekend to be completely void of wedding related activities. I think it was successful too. Well. Except for that wedding shower that took  place yesterday. We (Yes! I said WE! Jesse was in on this one too) were showered with lots of lovely and delicious gifts. More on that later, though.

The first non-wedding related activity that I took part in this weekend was the I Love Thrifting event with a few of my fellow bloggers. What fun it was to connect up with three ladies that share a love of good deals and steals. I loved learning about a few new places in my neck of the woods that catered to the thrifty. We originally had three destinations on our list, but ended up at only two, substituting the third with an extended visit to local foods grocery store.

Our group was small, but we were still quite fierce. Here we all are right as we were about to get our thrift on. Thanks, Carla for documenting all of this with your trusty Cannon. I hope it's OK that I copied this picture off your blog. And of course three of the four of us were fashionably late in jumping on the I Love Thrifting bandwagon, and therefore there was only one shirt between us (sorry, Mr. Goodwill Hunting!). We proudly carried it around with us all morning.

There's me of course, followed by Megan from NoMi Passenger, Carla from Hammers and High Heels, and Angela, business owner of Uniquely Attainable. Read more about Angela's business on her website and also here where Carla did a sweet, little Head Over Heels write up on her after checking out her home decor bus. That's right. I just wrote home decor bus. Pretty genius, no? I can't wait to check it out myself. Angela, you're a true inspiration to me. I give you mad props for having a dream, and then going after it. You made me see that dreams are attainable. Uniquely attainable.  

Our adventures in thrifting brought us first to Bauer Brothers Salvage in Minneapolis. It was pretty much what I expected it to be. Lots of clutter, no central air, and a bit on the stinky side. Posh it was not, but I was still in heaven as I walked the cluttered aisles of treasure after treasure. All sorts of random and crazy things. I imagined being there with my ever so sweet Grandma Charlotte. Her health is failing now (insert sad face and tears here) but in her younger years she knew everything and anything about all things antique and vintage. My Grandma Charlotte was doing her antique thing before antiques were hip and trendy. Believe it or not, my dad actually grew up with an antique store in his basement. How cool would that be? My grandma was quite the savvy business woman, and I admire her so much for that. Back to Bauer Brothers, though--I walked out of there with two new friends (Carla and I made our friendship Facebook official a few months ago) and having spent just five dollars. Holla! I scored a sweet crate. Check out pictures of it here. And while I was adamant that this weekend not center around the wedding, the truth is I will probably be using said crate in some capacity for the wedding. Silly wedding. Always trying to make it's big fat obnoxious presence known.

After the Bauer Brother's stop we swung through a Salvation Army in Minneapolis that I had yet to frequent. It was so large that we only got through the basement before my bladder and sweat glands gave out on me. Again, it was another building that did not have air conditioning. Oy. Ufda. Hot. However, before I melted or peed in my pants I nabbed a few more sweet deals. Totally worth my discomfort. I scored a purse and some never been used storage containers for dinner leftovers (thinking this will encourage me to make more dinners at home--wishful thinking?). Overall a very successful trip.

Next we stopped at Megan's friend's store, Local D'Lish. It was there that I scored a few locally grown and locally created goodies. A bottle of sea salt for my sodium lovin' fiance, puppy treats for our naughties, a jar of salsa, and a bag of freshly picked raspberries that I managed to devour before Carla dropped me off at home (word has it they burn stomach fat--yes please). Oh, and here is a little blurb that I read on the Local D'Lish website. I dare you to read it and tell me you don't want to visit them too. I double dog dare you. I am so excited to go back there and find a way to incorporate some of their locally grown produce and/or products into our wedding somehow.

Owned by Ann and Yulin Yin (and our daughter CC). We pride ourselves on customer service. We like to do things the way business used to be….we get to know our customers by name, we special order products with a simple phone call, we order smaller quantities to assure the freshest available….and most importantly almost every product in the store is grown or made right here in Minnesota and the larger Mid-west region.
This little outing was just what the doctor Lauren ordered. Thanks to all the ladies for making me forget about the wedding for a little bit. I hope we can do it again. And I promise I will empty my bladder before leaving the house next time, so that our thrifting isn't cut short. Note to self: Public restrooms are scarce, gross, or non-existent when thrifting. Slap on a diaper, or limit your fluid intake.

From the thrifting event I went straight home to get my party pants on. Well technically it was a party dress. Our friends and my incredibly awesome employers were throwing a wedding shower in my and Jesse's honor. I know, I know. How was this a "What Wedding??!?" weekend when you had a WEDDING shower? But this wasn't your average shower. It was a shower with a twist. Instead of showering us with traditional wedding gifts, they decided to throw us a Stock The Bar party. It was so nice to sit back and enjoy the day with our friends and family. I joked that I wasn't sure I wanted my two worlds colliding. My employers (the people who entrust me to nanny their sweet babies on a daily basis) were not only going to meet my crazysexycool friends, but they were all going to be hanging out together for five hours straight. In my employer's home. It all went off perfectly and without a hitch, and once again, Jesse and I left with a bunch of nummy goodies for our yet to be built bar. Anyone want to help us DIY a bar?

 We have some amazing friends. Here are some pictures to prove it. Mobil uploads for now, but hopefully I will have copies of the other ones taken very soon.

And even though Brian and Jenny kicked us out at around 9pm (just kidding guys, I know we were suppose to be out by 8), the party didn't end there. A few of my girls (and a few VIP guys as well) took me out for drinks on the rooftop patio of a hoppin' bar in uptown. Jesse was doing something similar with a few of his buddies as well. The fun continued, and continued...and continued until the wee hours of the morning. I was finally reunited with my hubs-to-be at around 3pm today. And that's when this very anti-wedding picture was snapped. Yep. This is us. Very sleep deprived, lethargic, watching the Twins (WIN!), and pigging out on unhealthy snacks. Oops.

The "What Wedding??!?" weekend has sadly come to an end. We'll be coming off the wedding planning disabled list, and be back in the game by next weekend. I am not sure how much "resting up" we did this weekend, but we sure did squeeze in a great bit of fun. Thanks to all of those who made that fun possible. You all rock our socks.


Carla @ Hammers and High Heels said...

Love this post! Glad you got your mind off to-do's for the wedding! I had a blast thrifting as well and we need to do it again soon! I thought it was funny you mentioned Bauer Brother's being stinky :) You will have to blog about what you do with Local D'Lish if you end up doing something for the wedding with Ann!

Lauren said...

Carla, it was a good stinky. Promise. Can't wait to go back there. PS-I saw my Salvation Army purse at Target for $35. I scored a sweet deal for sure!

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