Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Oh for the love of spring

I know I have mentioned this before, but it's worth mentioning again. Did you know that Minnesota has more shoreline than Florida, California, and Hawaii combined? True statement.

Today the temp hit above 50 in Minneapolis. It's a first for the season. It's true that we've had a mild winter, but there is still nothing like the first couple warm days in Minnesota. At least for me there isn't.

People emerge from their places of hibernation. Stroller strides with the kiddos. Joggers donning short. Unfathomable to most, but definitely a common occurrence around these parts. Of course I don't wear shorts. Because that would require me to shave my legs. I know. My husband is one lucky lad.

Definitely a perk of my current job is that I get to be out and about when the weather is nice like it was today. 

I even got to have some one on one with Ainsley this afternoon, and experience the joy of jumping in mud puddles through her eyes. If you've never done this in your adult life, then I strongly recommend you do. It's cathartic.

I couldn't help but snap a photo of this mishap before rescuing the little monster. It's going to be bittersweet not seeing her (and her brother's) face every morning after the summer hits. Reminding myself to cherish all these moments now. The good, the bad, and the dirty. 

I let my hair go natural today. It's got quite a bit of curl naturally. I kinda forget about that. Also, does anyone else think they look way better with sunglasses on? I am borrowing these from my friend, Suzy. I have had them since we went to the State Fair this past summer. I hope she doesn't miss them too much. 

See? No sunglasses on and I look constipated. I did take this picture while in the bathroom at the doctor's office today. So maybe I was? Wouldn't you like to know. Actually, I am sure you don't. Sorry for going there. I wasn't constipated. 

And it was this Italian jumping bean that greeted me at the door this evening. He is all sorts of naughty. 

Hope you had a good day today. Has spring sprung where you are yet?? 


Ducky said...

We were actually in the 70's in my parts (Earthly speaking...not anatomically) and expecting more of the same tomorrow. Of course the last run with this type of weather we had it was 70 one day and snowing the next. Who knows...Dorothy very well could've flown past today. It was so damn windy I thought about BEING all earthy and taking a Kite into work instead of my trusty Honda.

Gwen @ The Bold Abode said...

Yur jumpin' bean is priceless... so glad your are regular...hope everything else is! I've been wearing my hair curly, too. Brendan thinks it looks too wild... he hates it and isn't afraid to tell me so. hahaha...

Belle Vierge said...

It's supposed to reach 50 tomorrow, and I'm so excited to wear shoes that aren't boots!!!

Meg @ Mr.C and Me said...

oh the weather was gorgeous today. sadly was stuck inside at work :( can't wait for spring + to break out my new shoes. p.s. i hate wearing shorts too!

Emily Hope said...

My hair is naturally, kinda curly, too. It goes all kindsa-frizzy in the summer. And I agree - I always look cooler in sunglasses. Actually I am going to send you an instragram photo........NOW to prove it.

p.s. Eat more fiber

Danielle and Trev said...

That looks beautiful! I never even knew about all that coastline! Love your blog. Newest reader!

Emily said...

Dude, you are not alone in the sunglasses love. They really are magical in that way.

(The other) Emily

Nessa @{Casa Braaflat} said...

your hair looks super cute curly!

Samantha said...

The weather is crazy here in Northern Florida. Sometimes it'll be 40 degrees and then spring up to 80 degrees the next day. It's hard to believe that spring is actually here when the weather just does what it wants!

Oh, and I love the curly look. I used to straighten my hair DAILY, and these days, I can't remember the last time it was straight! Be natural :)

Amira said...

I love that you talk about it getting warm in Minnesota, and then share a picture of snow all over the ground.

P.S. I wish you could figure out exactly why it is that human beings look so much better in sunglasses. Does this mean our eyes are hideous?

kate@mammasoutofbounds said...

the last 2 days have been in the low 70s...love it!!
I also spent a summer in Minnesota as a camp counselor years ago and i fell in love with it. Id love to go back sometime. It was beautiful and the weather in the summer was amazing.
I wear giant sunglasses at all times when i leave the house...Big sunglasses & big earings make you look slimmer LOL.

Andrea said...

I am SO loving our weather right now! Did you see... Highs in the 60's next week! Can't wait! = )