Thursday, February 27, 2014

I'm Liz Lemon

I can definitely relate to the Liz Lemon character on 30 Rock. Her healthy eating habits. Her awkwardness. Her flashbacks to adolescent days of sheer mortification. Her "I don't give a crap, but really I actually do" shtick. Even her desire to be a mom. Jesse thinks her and I are the same person. Every so often we will watch a clip from the show, and he will glance over at me when Liz does something in typical Liz fashion. He doesn't even have to say anything because I already know what he's thinking. I love everything about her so of course I don't care. That much.

I have a magnet on my fridge that says, "No, you can't buy me a drink, but you can give me the five dollars you were going to spend on it." Side note: No one has offered to buy me a drink in a long time....but when the unicorn moment would happen back in my singlin' and minglin' days, I'd usually have a cynical look on my face and say, "Why are you buying me a drink? Does this mean I have to sit here and drink with you? Wait. Am I being roofied? OMG. I'm being roofied" I would then likely freak out, stand up from my bar stool and dramatically proclaim, "Roofied! I'm being roofied!" And then I'd run over to my friends playing Buck Hunter and miss my free drink opportunity entirely. I sucked at flirting. Thank goodness Jesse was charmed by my wit and sarcasm via the internet before having to meet me at a bar. 

Tonight we watched the Valentines episode where Liz and Criss are together, and Liz finally has a decent chance at a drama free day. Of course she's still Liz, and therefore still resistant given her Valentine's Day track record. Criss urges her to see past that, and embrace what they have. And at the end of the episode there was a poignant part where it not only made me realize again the similarities between Ms. Lemon and I, but also how similar Jesse and Criss are. 

I am copying this from an article by The New Yorker, posted by Emily Nussbaum. It was her article titled, In Defense of Liz Lemon, because apparently several critics of 30 Rock were disappointed in the direction the writers were taking Liz's character in the final season. 

On Valentine’s Day, she and Criss have a fight at IKEA and she assumes they’ve broken up. Instead, when she goes home, he’s made dinner. “You wanted a table, I wasn’t super-helpful, who cares?” he says. “I tend to care,” she admits. “I let little things ruin stuff. I stopped shopping at Kmart because I found out Kathy Ireland didn’t design any of her signature socks.” Liz tells him that, at forty-one, she can finally change, but Criss thinks that’s ridiculous. “Eh, why bother. You can get mad at dumb stuff, that’s your thing. I’ll get over it, that’s my thing. It’s kind of perfect.” And he gives her a table he made from a Herman Cain poster and fallen branches from Riverside Park.

Yep. That's most certainly, 100%, without a doubt Jesse and Lauren. I freak out over dumb stuff. It's my thing. Jesse gets over it. That's his thing. I'm his loopy Liz. He's my cool as a cucumber Criss. For the next million forevers. 


The Girl who Loved to Write said...

The mozzarella sticks comment is 100 percent something that would come out of my mouth.

Stephanie/James said...

I loved reading this. My husband is the male Liz Lemon!!! Pretty sure he asked if I had any chicken nuggets on one first few times we hung out. ;)

Miki {Becoming What I Always Was} said...

I love the Liz/ Criss relationship. It is so funny to me how they are around each other. I love Liz Lemon in general, which means, I like you even more! Hooray!

Aramis said...

I was always totally weird when guys wanted to buy drinks for me (which wasn't often due to my accidental chronic bitchface). I am so terrible at small talk, it was always so awkward! I probably just needed more drinks.

two birds said...

that's me and chris, too. although i tend not to admit when i'm freaking out over the little stuff.

Sarah said...

Ah, Criss Chros. I was a fan of him--James Marsden is adorable and they had fun chemistry.

But gotta say, Dennis Duffy was my fave because he had the best one-liners. "I got you a fancy briefcase, 'cuz you're classy and important. Like a dude."